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There's nothing quite as frightening as having a sick pet at an inopportune time. That's why, at Darwin My Vet Service we offer after-hours emergency point of contact, via a dedicated phone line, ensuring that no pet is ever put in a life-threatening situation without medical aid. After-hours emergency services are given at University Avenue Vet Hospital and shared with three other Darwin veterinary practices on a rotational basis. The dedicated phone line will put you through to the on call Vet for that time, please make sure you clarify which Vet you are to attend after hours.

We also offer emergency pet kits to store in your home or car for situations where pets need immediate attention before being brought into our clinic. All kits are equipped with a variety of bandages, dressings, antiseptic solutions, scissors and thermometer as well as a guide for how to deal with emergency situations and how to administer first aid to your pet.

If your pet is displaying any of the symptoms please call Darwin My Vet Clinic or University Avenue Veterinary Hospital immediately.



Trauma can present in many different ways including bite wounds, lacerations and vehicle accidents. The first point of action is to stem any visible bleeding by applying pressure and bringing the animals to the vet hospital as soon as possible. Limit movement where possible and be careful for areas of potential internal damage not currently visible.

Preventative Care

Heat stroke

In our temperate climate, especially in the Northern Territory, heat stroke can be a massive threat to your pets. When untreated, heat stroke can be fatal so it’s important to visit a veterinary hospital for assessment and treatment, even if your pet has appeared to recover. Be on the look out for the severe panting, red gums and staggered movement that can be indicative of heat stroke. If you suspect your pet is suffering from heat stroke, cool their temperature with fans, ice packs and damp towels.

Preventative Care

Cane Toad Poisoning

In Australia it's not uncommon for outdoor pets to ingest cane toad poison, which requires immediate emergency treatment. If you find yourself in this situation immediately attempt to flush out your pets mouth with a steady stream of water across the mouth (not down the throat) and encourage the head to point downwards. Ask a friend to continue to attempt to flush out the mouth until you reach medical attention.

Preventative Care

Snake Bites

If you find yourself in a situation where you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake it's important to keep your pet calm and apply a pressure bandage. Do not attempt to clean the area so it's easier to toxicology to identify the poison. Seek medical attention immediately.

Preventative Care

Near Drowning or Smoke Inhalation

As with heat stroke, its important to allow a medical professional to do a full assessment after a close call with drowning or smoke inhalation, even if the animal appears to have recovered.

Preventative Care

Gastric Dilation

Distended abdomens, loss of appetite and/or restlessness followed by lethargy can all be symptoms of a gastric dilation. If your pet exhibits these symptoms its important to contact a veterinary hospital immediately. Gastric dilation is life threatening and requires emergency treatment.

Preventative Care

Emergency Consultations

We run an emergency consultation service in conjunction with four other Darwin clinics to assure your pets health and safety. In addition to contacting My Darwin Vet Service for emergencies you can also contact:

Preventative Care

Injured Wildlife

For any after-hours emergencies involving wild animals, contact Wildcare NT on 0409 090 840 or visit www.wildcarent.org.au

Preventative Care