Our Practice

We have our own mantra here at Darwin My Vet Service; quality, service, care. These are the three things we go above and beyond to provide our clients and their furry friends.

It's a promise that all our are practices are up to the highest professional and technical capabilities, that our hospital is equipped to deliver the best service possible and that your pets will receive the utmost care and attention when you entrust them to us.

This commitment to excellence is why we pride ourselves on being one of the leading veterinary hospitals in the Northern Territory


Consulting Hours

All of our consultations are by appointment. If you want to ensure some personal pet on vet time be sure to making an appointment by phoning (08) 8927 3657. If your pet is going under the knife (desexing, aural haematomas, etc.), requires diagnostic work ups (radiographs, ultrasound, endoscopy), a geriatric health profiles and some blood tests all these procedures require an appointment to be booked 24 hours in advance. This ensures your pet is adequately prepared for safe anaesthesia and enables us to obtain reliable blood test results.

Preventative Care

Our Staff

The team at Darwin My Vet Service work together brilliantly to provide the best care for your loved one. We regularly encourage our staff to undergo further study, with our nurses and veterinarians regularly attending conference, seminars and postgraduate courses to ensure that we are providing the most cutting edge medical and surgical services. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the fierce connection you have with your animal, whether you've been together six months or six years. We provide care to our patients but we also care for our clients because we understand how difficult it is to see someone you love in distress.

Preventative Care

Our Hospital

Our purpose-build, open plan hospital was designed to provide the most practical care for your pet. Due to our main working spaces and intensive care ward we are able to constantly monitor our patients throughout the day. Our hospital is equipped with high quality hospital wards, three consulting rooms, a modern surgical theatre as well as a spacious waiting room, which allows nervous patients to be separated from other pets.

Preventative Care

Treatment Costs

It's our mission to provide the best care to your pet and a high level of service to our clients. As residents of a relatively remote part of Australia, we understand how important it is to have access to modern veterinary equipment and professional staff to help your pet in their time of need.

That's why we have dedicated a great deal of time and resources to ensure we have the facilities, equipment and staff that rival the services provided in the major cities.

Pet health is our number one priority and we will always offer the best treatment option in every situation. This treatment might not always be the most affordable. In situations where a treatment is not affordable, please discuss this with your veterinarian and they will be happy to provide alternative treatment options.

Preventative Care

Estimates Prior to Admission

Anticipating the costs of a sick or injured pet can be stressful, especially when an illness or injury presents itself unexpectedly. Add on the concern about your pet's welfare and it adds up to a less than ideal situation for your and your pet. That's why it is our policy to provide estimates for all patients that are admitted to our hospital.

Estimates are provided to new and returning clients, and are required to be signed before admission. Further estimates will be provided once a treatment plan has been established.

Preventative Care

Daily Updates

We understand the stress of having a pet in hospital so we make sure owners of hospitalised pets are contacted daily and provided updates in order to give you peace of mind.

The treating veterinarian will also discuss ongoing treatment plans with you and provide updates on the cost of your account. Our policy is that all accounts remain under $1000, if your account should reach this point we will require you to make a payment to enable us to continue to provide the finest care to your pet.

Preventative Care